Suavecito Beard Wash

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  • A product designed specially for the beard and face
  • Cleans and protects beard and skin
  • Returns life to a dull, tangled, and stubborn beard
  • Makes the beard easier to style and shape
  • Made in the United States
Don't just use soap on your beard. Now there's a shampoo made for beards! Suavecito Beard Wash will lather up super richly on your face and in your beard for a premium cleaning as it penetrates deep into the skin and hair. Use often to remove dirt, oils, and grime without loosing needed moisture. Works well on a stubborn and tangled beard leaving it healthy looking and easy to style and maintain. The folks at Suavecito say, "The last thing you want is to have a dirty unkempt beard, that might have been the style for the vikings but in today’s world that just does not fly."
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