Log into your account on theGreaseShop.com by clicking "My account" on the top right. You will be asked for your log in credentials. The resulting page will display your orders. Further information is displayed when you click on the order number. If necessary you can contact us by sending an e-mail to service@thegreaseshop.

BY E-MAIL - Send order to service@thegreaseshop.com. Include full name, address, phone number (in case we need to clarify something), items, quantity, and payment information. We will reply with your invoice before charging your payment method.

BY PHONE - Call us (Optisonics Productions) at 973-458-0951. PHONE SERVICE IS LIMITED. Leave a clear short message with your U.S. or Canada phone number and we will call you back to take your order. Please have your payment method ready.

BY SNAIL MAIL (postal) - Two ways: The best way to do this is to either complete the order on the website, printout the cart page and the customer information page, but just don't complete the purchase on-line. Inclose the pages along with a certified check or money order ONLY, and mail to Optisonics Productions, 311 South Parkway, Clifton, NJ 07014. The other way is to write it all out legibly making sure you don't omit any information we need to fill the order as this will just slow things down.

The checkout pages of this Website are SSL which is a secure protocol for data transmission to our card processing service aka. payment gateway. All card information such as number and security code are not visible to anyone except the the payment gateway that handles the processing of the charge to your card. We do not see any such information.

Orders shipped to New Jersey, U.S.A. locations will be charged 6.625% sales tax. Certain categories such as clothing are exempt from this tax. Tax may be charged in other jurisdictions where required by law.


We usually ship within 1 to 2 days of receiving the order. See full details in our Shipping Policy.

Yes, we ship to most countrys worldwide. For important details, see our Shipping Policy.

We use United States Post Office (USPS) for all normal size orders worldwide as they are quick, reliable, and lowest cost.

Shipping costs are based on the current shipping rates of the carrier used for your order, USPS. Full details and how to calculate shipping before submitting your order can be found in our Shipping Policy.

Shipping is entirely independent of item cost. The post office does not know or factor in the cost of the box contents. Shipping is calculated using the package weight, in some cases box size, and distance to travel. Shipping charges are based on rate tables furnished by the post office. A $1.50 comb could cost over $20 if it has to travel halfway around the world.


We accept returns. Please visit our refund policy page.

If after waiting an extra few days beyond the expected delivery date, you can contact us at service@thegreaseshop.com. You must give us your order number, name, and address so we can find your order record.

We do not resend the same order. Instead we issue a refund and you have the option to place the order again checking that you have entered the full address correctly or a different relaible address.

Many times the post office will leave a package with a neighbor or hold it at the local post office for you to claim. Housing developments often have central mail drops. Please check these alternatives before contacting us.

Using Products

As far as we know, there is NO shampoo which COMPLETELY washes any petroleum or wax based product. These pomades and waxes are intended NOT to wash out easily. Degreasing shampoos can only aid in washing out these products. Several applications are often necessary. Degreasing products such as dish detergent are recommended. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT ANY SHAMPOO WE SELL WILL COMPLETELY REMOVE ANY HAIR PRODUCT OR OTHER SUBSTANCE FROM YOUR HAIR. THEY ARE TO AID IN CLEANSING.

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