High Life Heavy Hair Pomade

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  • Super heavy hold wax and peteroleum pomade
  • Best for short hair
  • Tight hold for high pompadours, flat-tops
  • Long lasting hold
  • Coconut scent

High Life Heavy Pomade is one of the heaviest pomades currently on the market and holds like no other. It is a heavy wax and petroleum pomade, perfect for shaping and sculpting thick or thick curly hair. High Life Heavy Pomade provides a super tight hold for pomp’s, flattops, and short quiffs. It does not wash out easily as it is intended to remain in the hair for long lasting tight control. True connoisseurs of heavy pomades like it this way and get better styling control by letting it build up with each application. Contains emu oil to help strengthen and rejuvenate and eliminate a greasy feel. Product leaves a low shine but after styling, add a top coat of a light pomade or sheen spray for extra shine. Coconut scent. 3.5oz. Made in the U.S.A.

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