American Pomade Devil's Hair Wax

Sale price$14.00 USD


  • Super firm hold hair wax 
  • For flat-tops, tight slick back sides 
  • Very mild coconut scent 
  • Long lasting restylable hold 
American Pomade is keeping the old-time classic alive! It is known as Hair Wax, Flat Top Wax, or Butch Wax .... at American Pomade Company it's Devil's Wax. When Rock 'n' Roll was young and the flat-top hair cut was all the rage, guys would keep their freshly cut flat-top standing tall with wax! It worked as well with tightly slicked back sides. Today these styles are still around and getting more popular as today's new look.

Dig some out, rub it in hands to make it pliable, apply, and style. It 'Holds Like Hell' yet your hair is still soft to the touch. And if you want to add a slick shine, like to those sides, top it off with a light pomade such as American Pomade Wicked Slick or Original Sin. American Pomade Devil's Wax: The sinner's halo. Very mild coconut scent. 4oz. Made in the U.A.S.

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